« O le séjour de ma muse angevine
Et de mes vers le fidèle tesmoing,
Petit Huillé, mon Huillé, le doux soing
Que voluntaire en mon coeur je confine,
Bacchus remplit tes costeaux de bon vin
Qui est l’honneur du terroir angevin
Pierre Le Loyer, XVIème siècle

Welcome to ancestral vineyard of the Loir

Through our wine discover the legacy of a thousand-years-old terroir

Wine growing activity has been present in northern Anjou since the 5th century. Like the entire Angevin basin, the vineyard developed until the 13th and 14th century under the reign of the Plantagenets. However from the 15th century the vineyard of Huillé, more precisely the cantons of Briollay and Durtal lost its attractiveness, mainly due to the development of the Nantes vineyard. Little by little, the vineyard fell into oblivion despite renowned sweet white wines, the vineyard was gradually supplanted by cider apples. Today, only 15 ha of vines remain out of the 200 ha listed in the 17th century.
Ready to restore the image of these wines, we are counting on you to be our wines ambassador.

Our story

Domaine de Huillé run by Jean-Marie Gazeau, follows on from Domaine du Plessis Greffier. Armed with fifteen year experience as wine maker since five generation, he wants to use all his know-how to the rebirth of Huillé estate.

The Domaine is in conversion to organic farming, currently in the 3rd year, we will be certified May 2021. We want to enhancing and respecting our terroir, which is why we have decided to completely rework the vineyard. Initially on 15 Ha, we chose to renew the vines in order to diversify the grape varieties and to select the one for this type of terroir as well as possible.

« The slopes of the Loir represent an important and beautiful jewel of the Angevin wine crown, one of the most beautiful elements of the finery of our dear France. »

J.TURQUAIS, Mayor of Huillé XXème

Our philosophy

Vignoble Bio Anjou
Semis d’engrais sur l’inter rang et labourage mécanique au niveau du cep

Committed to organic farming since our beginnings, we are convinced of the role that nature plays in the vine ecosystem. This is why we are supporters of different practices in favor of biodiversity. For example, we carry out two seedings of many plants per year in order to feed our soils, or revegetate the spaces with various tree plantings. Have faith in our work, we are the first consumers of our wines.

Our range

Contact us

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Pierre le Loyer, Sir of the Brush, Angevin, as he qualified himself, born in Huillé in 1550, Ronsard’s friend ; poet, he sang his nativ country :

Je m’allais pourmenant sur les tertres vineux
Qui rendent mon Huillé par tout Anjou fameux.
Rien ne me plaisait tant comme la course lente
Du Loir, qui çà, qui là, par la plaine serpente.
Fleuve, je te salue, ô fleuve en tes eaux.
De vignes va peuplant tes angevins costeaux.
O le séjour de ma Muse angevine
Et de mes vers le fidèle tesmoing,
Que voluntaire en mon coeur je confine,
Bacchus remplit tes costeaux de bon vin
Qui est l’honneur du terroir angevin.
O mon fleuve du Loir, qu’heureuses sont tes sources,
Qu’heureux tes calmes flots et qu’heureuses sont tes courses,
Non pour avoir porté sur tes eaux quelquesfois
Ce poête, l’honneur du peuple vendômois,
Et non pour voir encore mille collines nobles
Chargées à l’entour de si fameux vignobles,
Mais pourvoir bien souvent sur tes rives chenues
Sur les antres moussus, sur tes prées herbüs,
Tant de rares beautés luire de leurs beaux yeux
Non moins que sur la nuit font les flambeaux des cieux,
Se cacher dans tes eaux au-dessus de leurs hanches
Et laver leurs talons et leurs deux cuisses blanches.
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